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Announcements/ Availabilities

PNW Massage Therapy is now looking to hire! If you or anyone you know is interested or want more information please contact me at (564)202-1888 or via email

PNW Massage Therapy books will be CLOSED to all new clients starting June 15th. If there is same week availability, feel free to book! Please book your appointments accordingly.

Next Available:

July 22nd @ 3pm 60 minute

July 25th @ 3pm 60 minute

July 26th @ 1:15pm 90 minute

August 19th @ 9am 60 minute


Your body is unique, your massage should be too!


PNW Massage Therapy is professional massage business. Any inquiries about inappropriate services WILL NOT be tolerated, AND WILL immediately be forwarded to the authorities. If you have booked an appointment, and request inappropriate services you will be required to pay for your service booked and leave the property immediately. If there are any problems authorities will be called to handle the situation.

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