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Since opening my doors in September of 2021, I have made it my goal to make massage a service everyone can enjoy. All of my massages include a hot towel compress and a set of hot stones to further your relaxation experience. All massages begin with a conversation about how you are feeling and what is bothering you that day. Whether you work at a desk or just want time to relax I will customize your massage to your personal needs. During your massage don't be afraid to speak up! Whether you want deeper pressure, or less heat, I am more than happy to tailor to your needs! Every body is different, every massage should be too!

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Swedish Massage


Back Massage

Zeep - {'z-ayp} Luxury Massage

Swedish massage, a classic. Otherwise known as relaxation massage. This type of massage will relieve stress, promote circulation, and can improve your sleep. Swedish massage is a light- medium pressure modality that incorporates long fluent flowing strokes across the body, to promote the feeling of relaxation. 

Are you experiencing chronic pain? Deep Tissue massage is firm - deep pressure. Targeting the deeper layers of muscle and fascia, to release aches, pains and deeper rooted tension. Deep tissue is also used to tackle adhesions (knots) that inhibit proper blood circulation, which can cause pain and inflammation.

Looking for the ultimate relaxation massage? Look no further, I have created the Zeep Luxury Massage with pure relaxation in mind. This is my longest massage offered at 105 minutes and this massage includes, Zeep body butter (used on hands and feet) and sugar scrub ( used on feet) scent of your choice. 8-10 pairs of hot stones, honey serum back compress, sugar foot scrub, 10 minute scalp massage and a warm face compress.

Do you feel like a walking boulder? Cupping is an awesome modality! I use a set of silicone cups that will suck up the skin, fascia and underlying muscles, introducing fresh blood flow to the area. What's cool about cupping is it is the only modality that lifts tissues instead of pushing them down!

Gua Sha is a scraping tool that can be made of stone or crystal, mine are made of basalt stones. Gua Sha is a scraping technique used to break up stubborn adhesions, scar tissue and tension. 

Cupping Massage

Modality Coming Soon!

Gua Sha Massage

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Warm Bamboo Massage 

Body Massage

Fix Me Massage $110 - $160

Pregnant? My prenatal massages are done in the side lying position, including complimentary full body hot stones to further relax all of your aches and pains. Please leave a note stating how many weeks you are! Please make sure you are at least in your second trimester before booking. Being beyond the first trimester is crucial because, while being in the first trimester the pregnancy is not guaranteed, there is more risk for miscarriage.

If your body struggles with circulation or releasing tension, the Warm Bamboo modality would be perfect to consider for your next massage! Because the bamboo is warm it will force your muscles to relax faster, introduce new blood to the muscles easier and you will feel results sooner than with traditional massage. Warm Bamboo is an amazing way to get deeper into muscles that I can't usually get to, while melting away those pesky knots. Yes! You will be rolled out like dough and massaged with real bamboo!

Do you think you've tried everything to fix your pain? I've designed a massage that combines all the modalities I am certified in, and put it into one massage to figure out what modality/ technique works best for your body. Every body is unique, your massage should be to. What works for one person doesn't mean it will work for the next. I designed and came up with this type of massage to get to the nitty gritty. 


PNW Massage Therapy is professional massage business. Any inquiries about inappropriate services WILL NOT be tolerated, AND WILL immediately be forwarded to the authorities. If you have booked an appointment, and request inappropriate services you will be required to pay for your service booked and leave the property immediately. If there are any problems authorities will be called to handle the situation.

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